Ultrasonic measurement

TeQ Services is also well versed in the most precise measurement method, ultrasonic measurement. The knowledge and experience of teQ services is used to measure bolt lengths, tightening and retightening. The actual clamp force is calculated based on on the basis of the properties of the material, bolt thickness and changed bolt length. TeQ services has the equipment needed for this with the knowledge and experience to do this and ensure reliable results. Once-only and as maintenance. The results are recorded in a clear report whichreport, which also serves as a reference book.

An alternative is to replace bolts for ones with a sensor. The sensors are given a unique number and are read out with a reading device on the computer. The values correspond to what emerges from a correct measurement with the method described above.

Besides a greater certainty, smaller spread and therefore better quality connection, this method also offers great advantages when performing periodic checks. Depending on the application, carrying out a periodic check takes about 20% of the time and is performed on all bolts and studs.