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We are teQ services, and we specialize in maintenance, service and overhauls of rotating equipment. Irrespective of the equipment’s size, type and brand.

We are able to work on location and or via our workshop. We pride ourselves on having the right people for every question and project request asked by our client base. Operational support and planning is also available and through teQ tools we offer the right tools.

We work with a team that is able to meet the flexible demands of today’s industry. We offer flexible staff through teQ work. All our employees are trained to be able to provide good sound advice on site, we take stock of the situation and problems faced by the client and customer and offer the best solutions.

The complete package of teQ services

  • Specialized employees
  • Relevant tooling availability for every job
  • Back office for planning and organization
  • Quality and flexibility
  • Available for long-term deployment and flexible placements
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Our services

We offer total care for gas turbines, steam turbines and compressors. Both incidental and long-term maintenance or interim inspections and complete overhauls. Including reports. It’s not just about the maintenance team, for the customers we also offer back office services for planning and operations, taking care of visas, accommodation, transportation etcetera.

For the execution of the assignment, we can provide the right tooling at the location or workplace. When circumstances change, we can also switch quickly in adapting the tooling to suit the client’s needs.

We can scale up and down the flexible team through We are able to carry out the necessary work within our own workshop. This means that we are able to completely alleviate the customer’s concerns. Our services are subject to a 24-hour service and 7/7 availability.

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  • Workshop

  • Bolting

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  • Ultrasonic measuring

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Our employees make the difference. Thanks to their knowledge, skills and expertise, we can solve the challenges that may arise on site in accordance with the agreed conditions. All our employees follow specifically targeted training programs, which keeps their skills constantly up to date and keeps them informed of the current technical and safety procedures for their working environment.

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